Absent Minded Professor Personality Type

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Like many Feeler types, ESFJs prefer people who are encouraging, appreciative, and who show support. The film stereotype of the absent-minded professor would be a high scorer on this scale. They can have accidents because they are.

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20 Jul 2015. The absent-minded professor is a long-running cliché, but it's an accurate one. You'll have many professors who are very focused, present, and practical, but I guarantee you'll have at least one who is absolutely brilliant and.

18 Sep 2015. Personality and psychology are two key factors when it comes to being consistently late. More in Home. 7 toxic habits. But I'm a Type B absent-minded professor with producer tendencies. Where do you fit into the table of.

26 Nov 2017. They pay close attention to the people they care for, and will lock those details into their mind. They are intelligent people, who can process large amount of information at once. INFJs will recall the information they value, but.

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INTP (Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiving) is one of the sixteen personality types from personality type systems based. Logical; Aloof / Absent-Minded; Analytical; Discriminating; Independent; Curious; Innovative; Easy-going; Emotionally.

4 Sep 2009. In previous editorials I have written about the absent-minded and socially-inept ' nutty professor' stereotype in. a distinctive high IQ personality type including the trait of 'Openness to experience', 'enlightened' or progressive.

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