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To repay this favor, she fought alongside the Trojans, inflicting great damage on the Greek troops, until Achilles killed her. was brought to Troy. The Palladium, an ancient wooden statue of Athena.

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His great work, partially extant, was a history of Rome (written in Greek) from the earliest times until Dio Cassius’ own period. Of the original 80 books, 19 survive in full. They are a reputable.

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a group of citizens, in an ancient Greek democracy, with the power to pass laws, center of democracy Boule The small Athenian council that decided which issues needed to be brought to the Assembly.

Superstitious people think red frightens the devil. A “red-letter day” is one of special importance and good fortune. In Greece, eggs are dyed red for good luck at Easter time. To “paint the town red”.

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In many ancient cultures, such as Egypt, Greece, and Rome, fashion was linked to wealth and social status. Designers sketch out ideas on paper, decide on materials, and then make detailed drawings.

a city-state that was the best example of ancient Greek democracy;the capital of modern Greece: Sparta: an ancient Greek city-state that was under strict military rule: Homer: Ancient Greek poet who composed two poems, the Iliad and the Odyssey, about the Trojan War: Pericles: Ancient Athenian leader who strove to make Athens the center of art and literature and who was responsible for building the.

Diodorus Siculus dīədôr´əs sĭk´yo͞oləs [key], d. after 21 BC, Sicilian historian. He wrote, in Greek, a world history in 40 books, ending with Caesar’s Gallic Wars. Fully preserved are Books I–V and.

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The core of the empire consisted of the Balkan Peninsula (i.e., Thrace, Macedonia, Epirus, Greece proper, the Greek isles, and Illyria) and of Asia Minor (present-day Turkey). The empire combined.

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a city state in ancient Greece: Helot: a member of a class of serfs in ancient Sparta, intermediate in status between slaves and citizens: Peninsula: a piece of land almost surrounded by water or projecting out into a body of water. Surrounded by water on 3 sides: Island: a.

This is evident in many European national costumes, such as that of Bavaria. The ancient Greeks were the first to wear girdles. They called them zones. A band of linen or soft leather was bound around.

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They invaded the Greek mainland and built the first Greek kingdoms. Minoans A group of people who were not Greeks, but their civilization was the first to arise in the region that later became Greece.

AncientGreek. This subreddit is dedicated to discussions about ancient Greek language and literature. However, we certainly welcome discussions of ancient Greek culture, history, and mythology, and posts may involve every dialect of ancient Greek. We invite discussion about topics as diverse as Homeric poetry, papyrology, biblical interpretation,

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The Greek king Pyrrhus and his men rode elephants into battle. and their trunks were bound to straighten them so that poisoned daggers could be attached to their ends. The ancient Romans and Gauls.

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In ancient China, dinosaur bones were believed to be the bones of dead dragons. It was not until 1841 that scientists recognized that huge reptiles had existed in the remote past. An eminent scientist.

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Ancient Greece has had a lot of influence on today’s culture. Pop culture is full of movies about gladiators and Sparta and Alexander the Great. Most know that the Olympics, arguably the world’s greatest sporting event, originated in Greece, but did you know that the first recorded games.

The temple of Solomon at Jerusalem, the only known monumental structure of the ancient Hebrews, consisted, according to biblical descriptions, of entrance pylons, courts, and a naos , a large.

Study Flashcards On Ancient Greece Vocabulary at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. makes it easy to get the grade you want!

Greek philosophers Democritus and Aristotle and Roman writers. time-consuming, and smelly process. (The ancient Phoenician city of Tyre, from which the dye gets its name, was known for its reek of.

Epiphany (from Greek epiphaneia, "manifestation"), falls on the 12th day. but scholars point out that days of thanks stem from ancient times. Advent is the season in which the faithful must prepare.

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The decorative arts include textiles, jewelry. Combining varied influences from Cubist paintings to ancient Egyptian and Aztec jewelry, Art Deco’s vivid style was characterized by sleek lines, bold.

Corresponding roughly with ancient Macedon, it extends from the Aegean Sea northward between Epirus in the west and Thrace in the east and includes the Vardar, Struma, and Mesta (in Greece, the Axiós,

This Greek astronomer was the first to measure the size of Earth accurately. He determined that the earth’s polar diameter was about 7,850 miles. (In fact, the distance is actually 7,900.) The Polish.

Elementary Greek Vocabulary Coordinated with Mounce, Basics of Biblical Greek (2d ed.) and with two common sets of vocabulary cards (Gromacki and Mounce) by Rodney J. Decker, Th.D. (v. 2.0, 2006) Card Number Gromacki / Mounce Greek Word Freq/NT Gloss Ch. 04 [words]26 9999 1 73 Abraham 7 2 175 angel, messenger 55 3 129 amen, truly, verily, “so let it be”

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In ancient Greek mythology, a hideous female demon with snake hair, medusa, the most famous gorgon, was capable of turning anyone who gazed at her into stone Term Hellenistic