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The earthquake fault cuts through the heart of Ventura’s quaint downtown, past the ornate hilltop City Hall and historic. The California Geological Survey is studying whether it needs to revise.

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Mitchell Adams, who delivered the lecture, is a former member of. As a freshman at Harvard, Adams discovered the wonders of ether. He watched as his roommate in 3 Hollis Hall “inhaled it for fun.”.

Chen is also a talented and accomplished pianist and vocalist, having performed at Carnegie Hall, New York’s Steinway. to what is done here at Harvard," Guimaraes says. The ambitious high schooler.

Hauser, who spoke before an audience in the Geological Lecture Hall Thursday (Oct. 8. Hauser, whose talk was sponsored by the Harvard Museum of Natural History, punctured two main assumptions, long.

Marshall, who spoke in the Geological Lecture Hall Tuesday evening as part of the Harvard Museum of Natural History’s annual lecture series, started off his talk by disputing whether the event.

He invited me to his office in Harvard’s Museum of Comparative Zoology, where, as an expert on dead life, he trotted out reams of geological and paleontological. back courses in Harvard’s largest.

“With our attempt to put this all together digitally, with diaries and maps and plans and things. The students visited the Harvard Visualization Center’s home on the second floor of the Geological.

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Maps are available online. just off Utah Street. 2 p.m.: Lecture: Water and the Geology of Door County Learn how glaciers shaped the peninsula and continue to influence the flow of water. Free.

Out of that fascination comes “Mountains and the Rise of Landscape,” a bracingly varied exhibition at the Druker Design Gallery (it spills over into the Loeb Library, too) in Gund Hall, the home of. Earthquake Disaster Preparedness Town Hall on the 25th Anniversary of the Northridge Earthquake: Northridge East Neighborhood Council hosts the lecture, 6:30-9 p.m. Jan. 17. Event is co.

In her lifetime, Hitchcock was renowned for her detailed and delicate drawings, which were widely published as etchings, but her many fabric paintings were less well-known — at least beyond Edward’s.

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About 60 of the region’s more than 6 million residents have gathered in the Cox Science Building at the University of Miami on a sunny Saturday morning in 2016 to hear Harold Wanless, or Hal, chair of.

Preparing for Geological Planetary Exploration. When: Thursday Oct. 27, all-ages science festival (5:306:45 p.m.), Lecture (7:00-8:00 p.m.) Where: Welch Hall 2.224, The University of Texas at Austin.

When the iconic Notre Dame cathedral in Paris caught fire last month, people found some hope in the news that scientist Andrew Tallon had used laser scanning to create precisely detailed maps. so.

I went to DC last week to give a talk for the Smithsonian Associates lecture program, based on my most recent book. the.

Darwin considered the teaching of Jameson boring and despite his ambitions in collecting minerals in early years, during his remaining time at university he never again actively joined a lecture.

Since 1986, she has written an "Ask Marilyn" column in Parade magazine, where she was famous for solving the Monty Hall problem. It indicates an expandable. He lives in Singapore where he gave a.

Jordan Peterson paces in front of 200 students in a packed lecture hall, back in his psychology class at the University. writing a book about the “architecture of belief,” called Maps of Meaning,