German Philosopher Immanuel Kant

“The hand is the window to the mind,” said German philosopher Immanuel Kant. We take things that interest us into our hands to help us understand. Our sense of touch is so sophisticated that we even describe things we have grasped with.

Immanuel Kant is one of the most important figures of German philosophy, said to have affected a Copernican revolution in philosophy, akin to Copernicus' reversal of the age-old belief that the sun revolved around the earth, through his.

Originally, Kant was buried inside the cathedral, but in 1880 his remains were moved to a neo-Gothic chapel adjoining the. German philosopher Immanuel Kant lived and died in Kaliningrad. Ways to Experience Immanuel Kant's Grave.

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15 Dec 2018. A life-like statue of German philosopher Immanuel Kant in the Russian city of Kaliningrad. Kaliningrad Oblast was annexed into the Soviet Union from Germany after the end of World War II as an exclave of the Russian.

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Immanuel Kant (Template:IPA-de) (22 April 1724 – 12 February 1804) was an 18th-century German philosopher from the Prussian city of Königsberg. Kant was the last influential philosopher of modern Europe in the classic sequence of the.

represents, and defines the contours of reality in which the human spirit is manifest. This could be said about the German philosopher Immanuel Kant as well as the German sociologist and philosopher Georg Simmel. We call them children of.

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11 Oct 2000. Kant's place in the history of Western philosophy. The immensely influential German philosopher Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) spent his entire life in Koenigsberg, in the northern part of East Prussia, and is now known as.

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18 Feb 2016. This ethical theory is most closely associated with German philosopher, Immanuel Kant. His work on personhood is an example of deontology in practice. Kant believed the ability to use reason was what defined a person.